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Artist Bio


Tricia A. Healy born in New York a self-taught artist who was honored to receive two scholarships to the Art Student’s League. 1971 studied painting and composition with Julian Levy and 1976 etching with Seong Moy.  1979 attended the School of Visual Arts studying sculpture with Herb Kalem and in 1980 an Alumni course in Medieval Miniature painting.  A long hiatus occurred until 2010 when she took brush to paper once again and found that the ability to create had been growing and maturing within her after a very long gestation period the images came to life.


She states how she has always felt a relationship with Shamanic healing rituals, mythologies, transformation and the subconscious the universal language.  Her works are acts of transformation starting with an idea and once painting begins images emerge that will transform in a new direction as if by divine guidance filled with many mythic symbols. It is a trance like state once beginning and at times journeying through a dark abyss into the light creating an emotional and visceral experience through a vibrant color palette.  

Her artwork is always signed with her initials TAH and a stamp made for her in Japan many years ago translating to “Sunray” her spiritual name since each artwork is a spiritual journey she hopes others will join her in this journey.

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