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The Making Of Shaman My Spiritual Father
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The Shaman My Spiritual Father - 26” x 40” Without Frame

Completed 2014. The journey began while I was taking care of my brother, who passed away from brain cancer in August 2012. One night I saw three moths on the ceiling. They were coming together forming a circle. I felt they were the spirits of our deceased mother, father and his wife preparing the way for his journey.  The mandala of the three moths was the basis of this painting. Even though moths are nocturnal, navigating by the moon or stars, they are vigilant in following the path toward light. The growth of the surrounding images is filled with mythic symbols and animal totems. The central figure of the Shaman signifies an act of transcendence from a dark night of the soul to (an invitation of) rebirth, like the moth, always vigilant in following the path to the light.

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